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Transporting & Cutting Plywood Sheets, for Newbies!

Includes an easy-to-make Circular Saw Jig for cutting sheets of plywood.

Convert Disc Sander To Use Hook-And-Loop (Velcro) Sanding Discs!

Convert your Disc Sander from PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) sanding discs to Hook-And-Loop sanding discs - it's easy!

Building the Bluetooth BoomBox kit from Parts Express

I built this kit from Parts Express, and added customizations like LED charging lights, line-in port, speaker grills, leather handle, rubber feet, and a DuraTex finish.

Adjustable Router Template Jig

This easy-to-build adjustable router jig makes it easy to cut dados and other rectangular cut-outs.

Edge Guide Jig for Router or Circular Saw

Just draw your cut line, clamp this jig right on the line, fold back the spacer, and cut. Right on the center of the line. Every time.

How To Make Custom Router Baseplates, for Newbies!

Learn how to make your own router baseplates, both square and round, along with two ways to get the screw holes in the right place.

New Dust Deputy 20% Better? Or is Generic Better?

The new Dust Deputy claims to be 20% better than the old one. Is it? And how does a cheap generic alternative stack up? Find out in this video.

Unboxing & Hanging My Silver Play Button

Thank you to every one of my 100,000+ subscribers!

How to Fix Jammed Mechanical Pencils, with Humor!

This video shows how to clear a mechanical pencil jam.

Under-Workbench Drawer with Box Joints & Drill Storage!

See how I built built a drawer using box joints, and attached it under my workbench.

Gluing T-Tracks - Will It Hold?

Let's find out how much stress a glued t-track can hold.

Circular Saw Tips

See the referenced video here:

DIY Snowflake Holiday Decoration - Free Plans!

See how to make this wooden snowflake.

Easy DIY Storage Bin Organizer Cabinet, for Newbies!

Simple steps for building a cabinet for Harbor Freight Storage Bin Cases, either rolling or stationary.

Comparing Ts to Ys for Dust Collection

I compared T connectors to Y connectors to see how much of a difference they really make, in a dust collection system using a shop vac and 2" PVC pipes. The results might surprise you.

DIY Shiplap from Plywood

I covered our old brick chimney with faux shiplap made from plywood, and I show how I did it in this video.

Removing Rust and Protecting a Cast Iron Table Saw Top

I had some rust on the cast iront top of my table saw, so I removed the rust and waxed my table top. This video shows how I did it.

Easy Push Block for Table Saw Newbies

How to make a simple push block, geared towards people who are new to table saws. Only takes a couple of minutes to make.

Build this Revolutionary Cross Cut Sled, for Newbies!

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for building this revolutionary new cross-cit sled that works without having to remove your blade guard. Let's start a blade guard revolution!

Easy! Cut Thin Strips On Your Table Saw!

A really easy and quick way to cut multiple thin strips the same thickness, on your table saw.

This Pull Saw is Awesome!

This Irwin pull saw is a thing of beauty. You've got to see it to believe it.

Build this Cross Cut Sled that works with a Blade Guard (Half Sled)

This is the build video for the half-sled from my video: It shows how to build a cross-cut sled (half-sled) that works with a blade guard.

Cross Cut Sleds that work with a Blade Guard!

**Half-sled build video is out:** Finally, a way to use cross cut sleds without removing your blade guard. Safety and convenience, all in one.

Woodworking Distractions, ADD and my StupidStop

Ways to limit distractions while woodworking, including my StupidStop light tree for a SawStop table saw.

Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout - Installation, Calibration & Review

Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout - Installation, Calibration & Review

Vacuum Tube that sucks a little bit

Short video to show a simple small vacuum tube I used for cleaning out tight places.

Micro Adjusters for Table Saw Fences

Three options for using indicator gauges to help move your table saw fence by small amounts.

How to Replace a Broken Drill Press Return Spring (Quill Spring)

UPDATED VERSION with some safety info at the start of the video. The return spring (quill spring) on my Craftsman 10" drill press broke, so I had to replace it. I explain how to remove the old one, how to find the right replacement spring, and how to install it.

Making a Sheath for the Chisel Plane

In a previous video I showed you how to build a chisel plane. In this video, I show you how to build a sheath for the chisel plane, so it can be stored safely when you're not using it.

REVIEW: Steve Ramsey's Powered Up Course

This is a review of Steve Ramsey's Powered Up Online Course. My goal is to help you decide if this is something you want to spend your money on, or not.

You Won't Believe How Useful This Tool Is! (Chisel Plane)

** UPDATE: See this video to build a sheath: ** No lie, you'll be amazed at how often you end up using this tool, once you make it. Simple, and cheap.

My New SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS)

Introducing my new SawStop PCS. I show how I got it home and unboxed it, assembled it, set it up, and calibrated it. I give a tour of the saw, and I also show how to clean and wax the cast iron table top.

*UPDATED* Removing a Stuck Glue Bottle Top

Short video showing a quick and easy way to remove a stuck glue bottle top.

SawStop Saved My Thumb! What Happens Next?

What happens after you trigger a SawStop brake? I'll show you! And I'll also show you how I check my blade's alignment.

Tongue & Groove Router Bits & Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

How to use a Freud tongue & groove router bit set to make shaker-style cabinet doors.

Cleaning Up My (S)Crap, and how to keep it clean

This is about how I cleaned up and organized all the scrap wood and lumber I had strewn all over my garage workshop, and my new, real-world philosophy for keeping it cleaned up and organized.

Clamping Ideas for Gluing Big Boxes, Cabinets, Bookshelves, etc.

See some out-of-the-box thinking for various ways to clamp big boxes, for gluing.

Cut Long Tapers on your Table Saw, Quick, Easy & Cheap

Like the title says, this short video shows how to cut tapers on long stock using your table saw. It really is quick, easy & cheap!

Steve Ramsey's Powered Up: Blog & Review

Announcement: I've signed up for Steve Ramsey's "Powered Up" woodworking course, and I'm blogging about it.

Perfect Dados, No Jigs Required!

If you cut dados using a table saw and multiple passes with a blade, then this video is for you. This is an incredibly easy way to cut perfect dados, virtually every time.

Build: Router Lift with Lever & Mini Router Table, for Plunge & Fixed Routers

How to build my lever-operated router lift, for both plunge and fixed-base routers. Bonus: A mini router table. Detailed instructions, and plans are available at

Woodpeckers Saw Gauge: Align Your Fence With Ease!

This is a quick review of the Woodpeckers Saw Gauge. It makes it a snap to align your table saw's fence to the miter track.

DIY Christmas Gifts: Corn Cob Skewers

The wife put me to work this year making Christmas presents. We decided on corn cob skewers. I made around 50 of them. Watch the video to see how I did it.

Dustopper Review, and comparison with a Dust Deputy

I tried out a Dustopper for a week with my dust collection system, and here's my review. I discuss it's strengths and weaknesses, and compare it to the Dust Deputy I was using beforehand.

DIY Corner Clamp - Plans Available

Learn how to build this Corner Clamp. It's easy! Plans are available on my website, and a SketchUp model is also available.

My Router Lift works for Fixed-Base Routers Too!

This is a follow-up to my video about my lever-operated router lift for plunge routers It shows how the lift can be modified easily for fixed-base routers. Keep an eye open for an announcement about a possible build video.

DIY Router Lift for Plunge Routers

** BUILD VIDEO: ** Here's a look at my lever-operated plunge router lift. If you want a build video, leave a comment.

A Million Thanks from The Newbie Woodworker

Thank you to all you viewers, who helped The Newbie Woodworker cross a major milestone today!

Viewing SketchUp Models - For Newbies

Learn how to view SketchUp models for free, in your web browser! No experience necessary. I'll show you everything you need to know to get up and running in SketchUp, including the camera controls, how to measure things with the tape measure, and how to use Scenes and Layers to view only the parts you want. What are you waiting for?

Newbie Tool Tip: Magnets, Epoxy Glue, and Magnetic Accessories

Some tips for using neodymium magnets in a woodworking workshop. Includes a special tip for mixing epoxy glue, and a tip for drill press users.

Fixing a Clogged Blast Gate

Having a little fun clearing out a clogged blast gate.

Make your own T-Tracks and T-Slots!

Includes tips for sharpening router bits, and setting router table fence distance. Why spend money on buying t-tracks, when you can cut your own t-slots, or make your own t-tracks, using specialized router bits? I demo a $14 bit, and a $35 bit. Believe it or not, I like the cheaper one better!

Installing T-Tracks, for Newbies

Learn the least-messy way to cut t-tracks, how to make dados for t-tracks using either a router bit or a table saw with a normal blade, and how to install t-tracks in the dados using the proper screws to give you the best holding strength. Also learn some tips for cheap t-bolts.

Review of Powertec T-Tracks - Save 50% over Rockler T-Tracks

I recently discovered Powertec t-tracks, which cost as little as half the price of Rockler t-tracks. And I like Powertec t-tracks better! Find out why.

Dust Collection for Router Table Dados

Cutting dados on a router table is really messy. I've got a simple, cheap, and effective dust collection solution for this problem. Trust me - it's great!

Review: WEN 6" Belt & Disc Sander and Ghetto Dust Collector

This is a review of the WEN 6" Belt & Disc Sander that I've had for over a year. I also give some tips on using the dust port, and show of my low-tech dust collector accessory.

How to Make Knobs for Shop Jigs, for Newbies!

Detailed, step-by-step instructions. Why spend money to buy knobs for shop jigs? This is how I make my own knobs. I show you 5 different knob shapes, and a couple of different attaching options. And I even take a stab at putting a finish on one knob.

Drill Powered Table Crank for a Drill Press/Pillar Drill

Replace the crank handle for raising and lowering your drill press table with this simple to make, and inexpensive, drill-powered crank extension. This allows you the freedom to make a drill press table however you want, without having to tak in into account the crank.

Hanging (by myself) a WEN Air Filtration System

How I installed my new WEN 3410 Air Filtration System, by myself.

Newbie Tool Tip: Replacing a Sanding Disc

Here's how I change sanding discs. It's really easy.

Using Sanding Drums on a Drill Press

How to use sanding drums on a drill press, included added bottom support using bearings.

Assembling a Cross Cut Sled, for Newbies!

Includes real-life troubleshooting tips! Take everything you've learned from my other videos on the subject, and put them together into a cross cut sled. When it turns out my fence is perfectly aligned, I take you through 7 troubleshooting tips to help solve the problem.

Making Cross Cut Sled Fences out of Plywood

Here's how to make fences for your cross cut sleds out of plywood. This is a companion video for my "2x4 Cross Cut Sled Fences" video,

Runners for Ryobi/Craftsman Tabbed Miter Slots

Learn how to make table saw sled runners for saws with tabbed miter slots, like you might find on some Ryobi and Craftsman models. It's not as hard as you might think, and after watching this video, you'll be able to do it in no time! Well, OK, maybe not *quite* that quickly, but you know what I mean...

Easy! Make Runners for Table Saw Sleds!

Simple, detailed and informative. I show you how to make runners, also known as miter bars, for table saw sleds, like cross-cut sleds. I explain materials, show you how to sneak up on the right width, cut runners, and even how to glue them to the sled. By the time you're done with this video, and with a little practice, you'll be cutting runners with ease.

UPDATE: Newbie Tool Tip: Stiff-Backed Sandpaper

Updated with tips from viewers. If you ever need to sand in tight places, this tip will help.

2x4 Cross Cut Sled Fences

Here's how to make fences for your cross cut sleds out of a section of 2x4. It's incredibly easy, very quick, and you get nice, reliable fences. All you need is a table saw, and a section of 2x4.

Actual Kickback (in Slow Motion), & How to Prevent It

Let's take a look at multiple examples of kickback, including slow motion, and see what we can learn about why it happens, how it happens, and what we can do to help prevent it.

4 Easy Ways to Align a Table Saw Fence

Here are 4 different ways to align your table saw's fence to a miter track, that are really easy. Pick the one you like best!

Dust Collection for Drill Presses: Simple, Effective, and Easy to Use!

I have a really simple solution to dust collection for your drill press. It's simple to set up, extremely effective, and about as easy to use as is humanly possible.

Simple Starter Workbench: Buy it for less than $90, or build it yourself!

This video is mostly for the newbies out there who don't already have a workbench. You can buy this workbench for less than $90, or you can build it yourself.

Simple! Portable Sanding Station (Downdraft Table)

Sanding generates a lot of sawdust. It gets all over the place, and can be dangerous for your health. One solution is to have the sawdust sucked away as you do your sanding, and that's what this Portable Sanding Station is for. Easy to make, and effective.

SawStop Jobsite Saw Unboxing & 5 Month Review

I bought a SawStop JobSite Table Saw about 5 months ago. I shot video of the unboxing process, and now, 5 months later, I'm releasing that footage, along with a thorough and in-depth review of what this saw is like, after having used it for 5 months.

Newbie Tool Tip: Brad Point Drill Bits & Other Twist Bits

This is a short overview of 3 types of twist bits, including my favorite drill bits, Brad Point drill bits.

2 Easy Ways to Square a Cross Cut Sled's Fence

Ever make a cross-cut sled, and struggle to get the fence aligned? In this video, I show you two very easy, very effective methods for squaring your sled's fence. After learning these methods, I've never had a problem getting a sled's fence square. I get basically perfect 90 degree cuts every time. You can too!

Anyone in the US using the Metric System?

Are any of you, who live in the US, using the metric system in your woodworking tasks? Or have you tried it, but gave up?

Newbie Tool Tip: Fractional Calculator Apps

Quick demo of "Fractional Calculator Plus", a free smartphone app for doing math with fractions. This app is available on both iOS and Android. If you're as bad at fractional math as I am, get this app, or something like it.

Where Do You Buy Baltic Birch Plywood?

Leave a comment below and tell us where you buy Baltic Birch plywood (assuming you do), and how you found the store. Hopefully, this will help others find a store where they can buy Baltic Birch plywood. Thanks!

Newbie Tool Tip: Hole Saws

This is an overview of Hole Saws. If you need to drill large holes, perhaps an inch or larger, Hole Saws are one of the good choices to pick. I show you what Hole Saws are, how to use them, and all sorts of juicy tips.

Newbie Tool Tip: Forstner Bits

This is a short overview of Forstner Bits, which are great for drilling larger holes, even at an angle, or overlapping! Also includes a quick discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of Forstner Bits compared to Hole Saws.

Newbie Tool Tip: Counterbores & Carriage Bolts

This is a short overview of Carriage Bolts & how to use them, along with a demonstration of how to drill Counterbored holes to use with things like carriage bolts.

Newbie Tool Tip: Countersink Drill Bits

This is a short overview of Combination Countersink Drill Bits. I show you what they are, how to use them, and what to use them for. When you need to drill pilot holes to countersink screws, a Countersink Drill Bit is the way to go!

Dust Collection Grounding: Follow-Up to 'Dust Collection for Newbies'

This video is a follow up to my video "Dust Collection for Newbies".

Newbie Tool Tip: Calipers - Digital and Analog

This is a short overview of two types of measuring calipers - one digital, and one analog dial. Every woodshop should have at least one of these calipers, and I discuss the reasons why they're so useful.

Simple! Flat Clamping Gluing Surface

Ever need a flat surface that you can clamp something to while the glue dries? Well, I did, and I don't have a surface like that in my shop, so I came up with an easy solution. Check it out!

Dust Collection for Newbies: Introduction to Dust Collection

This is an introduction to dust collection. If you don't know anything about dust collection, or maybe just a little, then this is the place to start. I cover the concept of dust collection, learn the basic terms, and put together a dust collection system for my garage workshop. Also see my follow-up video on grounding:

Table Saw Jointing with John Heisz' Taper Jig

This is a short video showing how I use my table saw as a jointer, using John Heisz' Taper Jig. Thanks, John, for a great jig!

Table Saw Tune-Up 2: Fence Alignment


Table Saw Tune-Up 1: Blade Alignment

In part 1 of this multi-part series, I show how to align your table saw's blade to one of your miter tracks. I go into lots of detail, with a lot of tips and a troubleshooting guide. Part 2:

Outtakes (Bad Language) & Channel Update 10/9/2017

Here's some outtakes from the current video I'm working on. Warning, there's bad language in it. But it's funny, or at least I think it is. I can laugh at myself.

Channel & Injury Update 9-26-2017

A quick video to update you on the status of my hand surgery, the aftereffects of my router accident, and a word about upcoming videos.

Having arthroscopic surgery 9-18-2017, many be out for 2 or 3 weeks

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm having arthroscopic surgery on my hand on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. I'll probably be out of commission for 2 or 3 weeks, so probably no videos during that time.

No Flip Out? No Problem! DIY Monitor using Mirror, for Vlogging, etc.

Do you vlog, or make videos of yourself, by yourself? Don't have a camera with a flip-out display? Having trouble getting yourself in the frame, when vlogging? Then try this simple and cheap mirror monitor mount. So simple anyone can make it!

SawStop Fence Micro-Adjuster

I just got as new SawStop JobSite table saw, and I was having a few problems "sneaking up" on cuts, because the fence kept moving when I unlocked it. So I came up with a way to use a tool from Rockler to both keep the SawStop's fence in place when I unlocked it, and to be able to micro-adjust the fence position.

Simple Fix: Dust Collection Bucket Collapse

This is a simple, cheap (possibly free) way to prevent your dust collection bucket from collapsing. You won't believe how easy this is!

Clean Sanding Belts, Discs, Spindles and Drums

How to clean Sanding Belts, Discs, Spindles and Drums, so they're practically brand new!

Ceiling Mounted Camera Dolly & Track

Here's my in-progress ceiling-mounted camera dolly and track, along with my new LED shop lights, and talk about other things I've been working on, like realigning my table saw blade.

Why I Don't Use Glue* for Wood Joints

All about why I don't use glue*, and what I use instead.

Clean a Router Bit and Make Inset Drawer Pulls

Demonstration of how to clean a router bit, and how to use a Cove bit to create inset drawer pulls.

Router Accident - WARNING: Graphic Images

The story of my accident with a trim router, resulting in a trip to the hospital in an ambulance. Contains pictures of the accident site and my injury, along with removing the bandages to show what it looks like now.