Products: Cross Cut Sleds that work with a Blade Guard

Screws - GRK - #8 x 1 1/2"
I either use these or Spax screws, and both are the best.

Screws - GRK - #8 x 2"
I either use these or Spax screws, and both are the best.

Precision Steel Squares (Kaufhof)
I love these. Nice box, too.

Framing Square - 12 1/2" x 8" (Johnson)
Johnson makes great measuring tools.

Featherboard (Hedgehog)
Great featherboard.

Featherboards (Drillpro)
These are nice because they're long, which helps if your miter slot is farther from your blade than normal.

Drill Bit Set - Countersink (DEWALT)
I love these tapered countersink bits. They even have replacement bits available if you break one.

Incra 12" Precision Marking T-Rule
I use this 12" version, but you can also get the 6" version from this link. You’ll need a pencil with a fine point.

Incra 6" Precision Marking T-Rule
I love this tool! I have the 12" version, but this is problably fine for most cases. You’ll need a pencil with a fine point.

Center Hole Punch
I like this adjustable center punch, but since you adjust it by turning the red handle, the handle has a tendency to come unscrewed. So I used some Loctite on one punch for normal use, and bought a second punch for when I need to adjust it.

Caliper - Fractional Dial
Highly rated analog caliper. Nice case.

Caliper - Digital
Features metric, fractional inches, decimal inches, with a nice case.

Measuring Tape - Lefty/Righty (FastCap)
Easy to read from both directions, and inexpensive.

Dust Mask
This is the dust mask I use. It fits my face really well, and doesn't fog my glasses.

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper
Overpriced but invaluable, if that makes any sense. I have 2.

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper 1/8" Leg
Extremely useful accessory for the Micro Jig Grr-Ripper.

Clamp - 12" (Jorgensen)
Jorgensen clamps are great.

Clamp - 18" (Jorgensen)
Jorgensen clamps are great.

Saw Blade - WW10407125 Woodworker 2 (Forrest)
This is an awesome full-kerf (1/8") blade, well worth the price.

Drill (Makita)
This isn’t my exact model, but it’s close.

Flexible Hose Kit - 2 1/2" (Powertec)
Ignore the bad reviews. Those are from people who expected the hose to stand up on it's own. It doesn't do that.

Random Orbital Sander (Makita)
Works great for me. I wish the dust collection port was a little larger. but it's good enough.

SawStop JobSite Table Saw (Amazon)
I used this for a couple of years, and it's great.

SawStop PCS
No, I don’t expect anyone to buy this from my link, but hey, you never know. By the way, the Amazon price includes shipping. If you're going to get it shipped, then the price on Amazon is the same as anywhere else.


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