Articles, Projects & Plans

Articles, Projects & Plans


CutList Optimizer

CutList Optimizer is a great website for generating cut lists. This articles explains how to use the site.

Dust Collection and PVC Static Fire Danger?

My thoughts about whether you need to ground a PVC dust collection system or not.

Woodworking and ADD (redux)

About my issues with ADD while trying to do woodworking, and not kill or main myself.

Projects (that may have plans)

Cross Cut Sleds that work with a Blade Guard

Introduction and Builds for my 'Cross Cut Sleds that work with a Blade Guard'

StupidStop (aka SawStop Light)

Details about how I built my StupidStop. 😄

Micro-Adjuster for Table Saw Fences

How to use a dial indicator to adjust your table saw's fence by small amounts.

Chisel Plane & Sheath

Really useful tool for getting to hard-to-reach areas.

Router Lift

How to build my lever-operated router lift, including plans.

Corner Clamp

How to build my corner clamp, including plans.

Corn Cob Skewers

Corn Cobb Skewers make a great Christmas gift.

DIY Shiplap from Plywood

How I built my DIY Shiplap from Plywood