Dust Collection and PVC Static Fire Danger?

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One of the most common topics I see in the comments on my Dust Collection for Newbies video is about the perceived dangers of static electricity and PVC, and whether you need to ground your system or not. I’ve finally decided to put my thoughts on the subject in a blog post, so I don’t have to repeat myself every time.

First off, you should always do what you think is best. If you want to ground your dust collection system, then by all means, do it. There’s lots of videos available on the subject, so search YouTube for more information.

After having done a lot of research on my own (in other words, I read some Internet articles and watched some videos), my personal feelings are that in my small home workshop in my garage, I’m not worried about PVC static electricity causing a fire. Here’s an informative article: Grounding PVC and Other Dust Collection Myths.

But as I said, your safety is your responsibility, so proceed at your own risk.

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