Products: Executive Bluetooth BoomBox

DuraTex - Black 1 Pint with Roller (Acry-Tech)
The Amazon picture shows a plastic bag, but mine came in a can.

Dayton Audio LBB-5CL LED Light Kit for LBB-3v2
This is for v2 of the charging board. Make sure that's what you have.

Helping Hands
An absolute must-have if you're soldering wires.

Epoxy Glue (Gorilla)
The only kind of epoxy glue I use.

Router - Makita XTR01Z Cordless Compact
This is a great cordless router, and I highly recommend it.

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper
Overpriced but invaluable, if that makes any sense. I have 2.

Center Hole Punch
I like this adjustable center punch, but since you adjust it by turning the red handle, the handle has a tendency to come unscrewed. So I used some Loctite on one punch for normal use, and bought a second punch for when I need to adjust it.

Clamp - 24" 2 pack (Jorgensen)
I love these clamps! This 2-pack is a good value.


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