Products: How to Make Knobs for Shop Jigs

Coupling Nut - 1/4-20 x 1" box of 50
I use these when I make knobs. See my video for more information.

Center Finder (Robert Larson)
Cheap and extremely useful.

Drill Press Vise (4") (TEKTON)
This is the drill press vise I use, and I like it.

Air Conditioner (Emerson)
This has worked well for me for over a year.

Epoxy Glue (Gorilla)
The only kind of epoxy glue I use.

Remote Control Outlet Switch (DEWENWILS)
I use this for my dust collector

Rotary Tool (Dremel)
The original.

Sanding Block - Blue (Preppin’ Weapon)
Love these sanding blocks!

Sanding Block - Red (Preppin’ Weapon)
Love these sanding blocks!


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