Videos: Drill Presses


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How to Replace a Broken Drill Press Return Spring (Quill Spring)

UPDATED VERSION with some safety info at the start of the video. The return spring (quill spring) on my Craftsman 10" drill press broke, so I had to replace it. I explain how to remove the old one, how to find the right replacement spring, and how to install it.

Drill Powered Table Crank for a Drill Press/Pillar Drill

Replace the crank handle for raising and lowering your drill press table with this simple to make, and inexpensive, drill-powered crank extension. This allows you the freedom to make a drill press table however you want, without having to tak in into account the crank.

Using Sanding Drums on a Drill Press

How to use sanding drums on a drill press, included added bottom support using bearings.

Dust Collection for Drill Presses: Simple, Effective, and Easy to Use!

I have a really simple solution to dust collection for your drill press. It's simple to set up, extremely effective, and about as easy to use as is humanly possible.