Videos: Drills


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Newbie Tool Tip: Brad Point Drill Bits & Other Twist Bits

This is a short overview of 3 types of twist bits, including my favorite drill bits, Brad Point drill bits.

Newbie Tool Tip: Hole Saws

This is an overview of Hole Saws. If you need to drill large holes, perhaps an inch or larger, Hole Saws are one of the good choices to pick. I show you what Hole Saws are, how to use them, and all sorts of juicy tips.

Newbie Tool Tip: Forstner Bits

This is a short overview of Forstner Bits, which are great for drilling larger holes, even at an angle, or overlapping! Also includes a quick discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of Forstner Bits compared to Hole Saws.

Newbie Tool Tip: Counterbores & Carriage Bolts

This is a short overview of Carriage Bolts & how to use them, along with a demonstration of how to drill Counterbored holes to use with things like carriage bolts.

Newbie Tool Tip: Countersink Drill Bits

This is a short overview of Combination Countersink Drill Bits. I show you what they are, how to use them, and what to use them for. When you need to drill pilot holes to countersink screws, a Countersink Drill Bit is the way to go!