Wixey WR700 Product Links

Products related to my YouTube video on the Wixey WR700 Saw Digital Readout

Battery Charger for AA and AAA Batteries
Great battery charger that handles both AA and AAA batteries. Comes with 4 AAA batteries.

Caliper - Digital
Features metric, fractional inches, decimal inches, with a nice case.

Center Hole Punch
I like this adjustable center punch, but since you adjust it by turning the red handle, the handle has a tendency to come unscrewed. So I used some Loctite on one punch for normal use, and bought a second punch for when I need to adjust it.

Face Shield
Don't drill under your saw without one.

Drill (Makita)
This isn’t my exact model, but it’s close.

Clamp - 12" (Jorgensen)
Jorgensen clamps are great.

Socket Set - Stanley 99 piece
I love this socket set, and the case is really nice, except I had to cut a piece of cardboard to go inside, to keep the top tools from falling out.

SawStop PCS
No, I don’t expect anyone to buy this from my link, but hey, you never know. By the way, the Amazon price includes shipping. If you're going to get it shipped, then the price on Amazon is the same as anywhere else.


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