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Micro Adjusters for Table Saw Fences

Three options for using indicator gauges to help move your table saw fence by small amounts.

My New SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS)

Introducing my new SawStop PCS. I show how I got it home and unboxed it, assembled it, set it up, and calibrated it. I give a tour of the saw, and I also show how to clean and wax the cast iron table top.

SawStop Saved My Thumb! What Happens Next?

What happens after you trigger a SawStop brake? I'll show you! And I'll also show you how I check my blade's alignment.

Cut Long Tapers on your Table Saw, Quick, Easy & Cheap

Like the title says, this short video shows how to cut tapers on long stock using your table saw. It really is quick, easy & cheap!

Perfect Dados, No Jigs Required!

If you cut dados using a table saw and multiple passes with a blade, then this video is for you. This is an incredibly easy way to cut perfect dados, virtually every time.

Woodpeckers Saw Gauge: Align Your Fence With Ease!

This is a quick review of the Woodpeckers Saw Gauge. It makes it a snap to align your table saw's fence to the miter track.

Assembling a Cross Cut Sled, for Newbies!

Includes real-life troubleshooting tips! Take everything you've learned from my other videos on the subject, and put them together into a cross cut sled. When it turns out my fence is perfectly aligned, I take you through 7 troubleshooting tips to help solve the problem.

Making Cross Cut Sled Fences out of Plywood

Here's how to make fences for your cross cut sleds out of plywood. This is a companion video for my "2x4 Cross Cut Sled Fences" video,

Runners for Ryobi/Craftsman Tabbed Miter Slots

Learn how to make table saw sled runners for saws with tabbed miter slots, like you might find on some Ryobi and Craftsman models. It's not as hard as you might think, and after watching this video, you'll be able to do it in no time! Well, OK, maybe not *quite* that quickly, but you know what I mean...

Easy! Make Runners for Table Saw Sleds!

Simple, detailed and informative. I show you how to make runners, also known as miter bars, for table saw sleds, like cross-cut sleds. I explain materials, show you how to sneak up on the right width, cut runners, and even how to glue them to the sled. By the time you're done with this video, and with a little practice, you'll be cutting runners with ease.

2x4 Cross Cut Sled Fences

Here's how to make fences for your cross cut sleds out of a section of 2x4. It's incredibly easy, very quick, and you get nice, reliable fences. All you need is a table saw, and a section of 2x4.

Actual Kickback (in Slow Motion), & How to Prevent It

Let's take a look at multiple examples of kickback, including slow motion, and see what we can learn about why it happens, how it happens, and what we can do to help prevent it.

4 Easy Ways to Align a Table Saw Fence

Here are 4 different ways to align your table saw's fence to a miter track, that are really easy. Pick the one you like best!

SawStop Jobsite Saw Unboxing & 5 Month Review

I bought a SawStop JobSite Table Saw about 5 months ago. I shot video of the unboxing process, and now, 5 months later, I'm releasing that footage, along with a thorough and in-depth review of what this saw is like, after having used it for 5 months.

2 Easy Ways to Square a Cross Cut Sled's Fence

Ever make a cross-cut sled, and struggle to get the fence aligned? In this video, I show you two very easy, very effective methods for squaring your sled's fence. After learning these methods, I've never had a problem getting a sled's fence square. I get basically perfect 90 degree cuts every time. You can too!

Making Table Saw Runners - Sneaking Up on a Cut

Quick video to show you how to cut "runners", aka Miter Bars, on your table saw. Learn how to "sneak up" on a cut!

Table Saw Tune-Up 2: Fence Alignment


Table Saw Tune-Up 1: Blade Alignment

In part 1 of this multi-part series, I show how to align your table saw's blade to one of your miter tracks. I go into lots of detail, with a lot of tips and a troubleshooting guide. Part 2:

SawStop Fence Micro-Adjuster

I just got as new SawStop JobSite table saw, and I was having a few problems "sneaking up" on cuts, because the fence kept moving when I unlocked it. So I came up with a way to use a tool from Rockler to both keep the SawStop's fence in place when I unlocked it, and to be able to micro-adjust the fence position.