Products: Routing

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Collet Extension
Reasonably priced collet extension. I haven't tried it.

Collet Extension (Xtreme Xtension)
Expensive, but it works great.

Dust Right Small Port Host Kit
I use this with my router table.

Featherboard (Hedgehog)
Great featherboard.

Featherboards (Drillpro)
These are nice because they're long, which helps if your miter slot is farther from your blade than normal.

Height Gauge (Digital) (Wixey)
Nice gauge for setting the height of a blade or bit.

Power Tool Switch (Rockler)
Sometimes this is on sale at Rockler, so check there first.

Radius Quick-Jigs
Use with a router to cut rounded corners ov various sizes.

Router - Makita XTR01Z Cordless Compact
This is a great cordless router, and I highly recommend it.

Router Dust Nozzle for Makita XTR01Z
Dust shroud for the Makita XTR01Z cordless compact router.

Steel Rod (1/2" x 10")
I use this to align my router to the router table top.

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