Products: Clamping

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Clamp - 12" (Jorgensen)
Jorgensen clamps are great.

Clamp - 18" (Jorgensen)
Jorgensen clamps are great.

Clamp-It Corner Clamping Jig (Rockler)
If you're not going to build your own corner clamp, then this is a good alternative. You'll need one of these squares also.

Clamp-It Square (Rockler)
You can use these by themselves, but more often they're used with this corner clamping jig.

Strap Clamp (Bessey)
Great clamp strap for gluing carcasses and boxes.

Strap Clamp Clips (Bessey)
Clips for the Bessey Strap Clamp, can be used with other straps.

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