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Air Conditioner (Emerson)
This has worked well for me for over a year.

Battery Charger for AA and AAA Batteries
Great battery charger that handles both AA and AAA batteries. Comes with 4 AAA batteries.

Branding Iron
I have 2 of these, and they're great.

Canary Corrugated Cardboard Cutter
Great for cutting up standard-thickness cardboard boxes. Hard to cut yourself.

Casters - Low Profile
These are great if all you want is to move something in a straight line. And they hold a lot of weight.

Coupling Nut - 1/4-20 x 1" box of 50
I use these when I make knobs. See my video for more information.

Diamond Sharpener
Diamond whetstone with folding handles

Flip Stop - 2 1/4" (Rockler)
I use this on my drill press fence, and one of my cross-cut sleds.

Frog Tape (Yellow)
Removable tape (less sticky than painters tape)

Heat Gun (Genesis)
Inexpensive heat gun.

Heat Gun (Steinel)
Yes, this is WAY too expensive, but I love mine.

Hex Key Set (Workpro)
This is a great set of hex keys I use. It includes a case, and both SAE and Metric hex keys.

Hex Key Set - Metric (Tekton)
Decent hex key set if all you need is metric.

LED Shop Lights
These are what I use in my shop, and I really like them.

Loctite Threadlocker Blue
The "Blue" version lets you unscrew the screw if you need to.

Magnetic Parts Tray
I have 3 of these, although I got them from Harbor Freight. Love them.

Magnetic Telescoping Flashlight
Very useful. Even though the magnet's not very strong, and the light's not very bright, both are good enough to get the job done.

Miter Bar (Micro Jig ZeroPlay)
If you can't make your own runners, this is a great option.

Neodymium Magnets Dia 1.26x1/8" w/ 3M Adhesives
Fantastic packaging to help keep the magnets from shattering, and make them easier to get apart.

Paste Wax (Johnson)
I love this on my cast iron table top.

Plane Blade
Standard bench plane blade, reasonably priced

Power Tool Switch (Rockler)
Sometimes this is on sale at Rockler, so check there first.

Rubber Roller
Great for applying sanding discs.

Screwdriver (Stanley)
Just a simple, inexpensive screwdriver, with multiple bits. And it ratchets.

Sharpening Hone - Double-Sided
This works well for me, and I like that the handles close to make a little case.

Silicone Project Mat (Rockler)
Great mat for gluing, or just protecting a surface.

Silicone Project Mat (Rockler), Amazon link
Great mat for gluing, or just protecting a surface.

Silicone Project Mat XL (Rockler)
Large size. Great mat for gluing, or just protecting a surface.

Socket Set - Stanley 99 piece
I love this socket set, and the case is really nice, except I had to cut a piece of cardboard to go inside, to keep the top tools from falling out.

Storage Bin Case (Harbor Freight)
Great for storing small parts like nuts and bolts

Tape - Indoor Mounting (Scotch)
Double-sided tape. It's removable, but it can be fairly strong, too. It's thick, though, so be aware of that.

Thread Checker
Check screw and nut threads sizes

Tool Drawer Liner (Harbor Freight)
Always use a coupon at Harbor Freight. The 20% off one, or if you’re lucky, a 25% off one.

Tool Drawer Liner (Home Depot)
This is a Home Depot link, and it’s the liner that I use.

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