Products: Dust Collection

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For testing air velocity.

Dust Deputy
The original.

Dust Deputy & Bucket
If you don't want to bother with setting up your own bucket, this is the way to go.

Dust Mask
This is the dust mask I use. It fits my face really well, and doesn't fog my glasses.

Dust Port (Rockler)
I'm sure there are others out there, this is just the one I used.

Dust Right Small Port Host Kit
I use this with my router table.

FlexForm Hose (only) - 2 1/2" (Rockler)
This is the 2 1/2" hose only, without the adapters.

FlexForm Hose (only) - 4" (Rockler)
This is the 4" hose only, without the adapters.

FlexForm Hose Kit - 4" (Rockler)
The 4" version of the kit

Flexible Hose Kit - 2 1/2" (Powertec)
Ignore the bad reviews. Those are from people who expected the hose to stand up on it's own. It doesn't do that.

Heat Gun (Genesis)
Inexpensive heat gun.

Heat Gun (Steinel)
Yes, this is WAY too expensive, but I love mine.

Lid Opener
Best little tool in my shop. Well, maybe not, but it's definitely awesome.

Vacuum Hose - 2 1/2" Expandable (Dust Right)
I have two of these, and I love them.

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