Back to Work - Router Table: Day 23

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It’s been exactly one month since my last post on Steve Ramsey’s “Powered Up” online course, and today I started back to work on my desktop router table.

Staying par for the course, it didn’t go all that smoothly.

The Lever Clamp

I started by cutting the 3 small pieces for the lever clamp.

I found it an odd experience using the new table saw to cut small pieces. The table is so smooth, even the insert plate, that I wasn’t really sure how hard to press down.

I mean, I know I don’t have to press down hard, but I had trouble getting enough tactile feedback so I could tell how hard I was pressing down. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it was unsettling.

After cutting the pieces, I drilled the holes. And forgot to turn on the camera. No big deal, but here we go again.

And while I was attaching the carriage bolts, using the cabinet door…

I managed to crack the door slightly, and also found out I didn’t add enough glue.

So I glued it back up, and I’m waiting for the glue to dry.

Hopefully, it’ll hold. Otherwise I’ll have to do some scrambling.

One downside of being on camera…

This morning, I started recording the intro for a new video. I may or may not publish the video - I’ll have to see as I go along. I’m not sure it’s a good subject or not. However, that’s not the point of this comment.

I don’t usually care much how I look. I just don’t look in the mirror that often. But that changes when I have to watch myself on camera, while I’m editing a video.

It’s hard to tell from a single frame, but my hair is all wacky, and I didn’t realize it.

So now I’m going to have to keep a mirror handy before I start shooting, to make sure I don’t waste my time. I have a camera monitor of course, but it’s too far away to get a good look at my hair.

I’m going to feel really silly pulling out a mirror before I start shooting. What’s next, make up?


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