A benefit of taking Steve’s course - Router Table: Day 23

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Every once in a while I get a comment on my YouTube channel asking how I made the cabinets in my garage.

In the past, I’ve always laughed and replied that we had them built for us, and I couldn’t imagine building them myself.

Well, now that I’m in the middle of Steve Ramsey’s “Powered Up” online course, I don’t look at the cabinets in the same way.

I’m still not sure I could make them now, at least not and do as good a job, but I no longer look at them and think they’re outside my potential. I understand pretty-much how they were made. And if I didn’t have them already, I would be thinking about how to build them, and be excited about the possibility.

This is a benefit of taking the course that’s hard to quantify. Intangible, if you will. But it might just be the single most important thing I’ll get out of the course. The belief that maybe I can make things I never dreamed of making before.

Is that worth $200? Absolutely! Can you put a price on dreams?


Powered Up Post

Older: "Dust Collection using 4 Dust Dep..." Newer: "Bought the SawStop PCS"


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