When In Doubt, Screw It! - Powered Up! Shop Cabinet: Day 12.1

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So what happened yesterday, and why didn’t I post about it? By the time the day was done, I was worn out and just wanted to go to sleep, and start over fresh, today.

My typical mistakes are ones where I’m thinking about the next step, before completing the current step, and I cut the wrong side of something, or forget to reset the fence, or whatever. Since I have fairly severe ADD1 2, I’m used to this.

My mistakes yesterday were more of the “Huh, learn something new ever day” type of mistakes, even though I tried things with scrap wood first.

As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I assembled the doors using screws:

This turned out to be a really good thing, hence the title of this post.

The goal was to cut the mortises in the door stiles, for the hinges:

Steve shows using a trim router, but I still haven’t used a handheld router since my accident, so I figured I could do it on my router table. I tested with scrap wood and everything. Except for one difference: the scrap wood was much shorter than the door stiles.

Why did that matter? Consider this picture:

The red line indicates where the mortise is cut, and the short yellow line shows the part that wasn’t cut.

As I continue pushing the stock to the left, guess what happens? The uncut portion (yellow) goes past the end of the fence, which allows the stock to get pushed towards the back of the router table, and that cuts a deeper mortise.

The fact that I have a picture here without me in the frame tells you I realized the problem, and stopped in time to deal with it.

What this picture doesn’t show you is that the way I chose to deal with it was a FAIL. No need to go into more details. But at least I learned a couple of things.

So, I cut a new stile and dados, and decided I might as well replace the stile I put a hole in earlier. Fortunately, that went perfectly.

So that’s when I quit and decided to start fresh today.

I wonder what I’ll do wrong today.

Stay tuned, and find out!

  1. I know they call it ADHD now, but I refuse to call it that, when it applies to me. The “H” stands for “Hyperactive”. I’m actually more like ADID, where the “I” stands for “Inactive”. In other words, I like to sit on my butt. 

  2. For those of you who don’t think ADD is real, quit reading. For those who think “everybody has that”, it’s all a matter of degree. Like eyesight. Some people’s vision is perfect. Yay for you! Some can still live without glasses, but you have to squint a little at times. And some people are like Mr. Magoo (look it up). When it comes to ADD, I have the Mr. Magoo version. The good thing is that I take some meds that really help, like a thick pair of glasses. Anyway, my point is, my mind wanders a lot, even with the meds. 

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