It’s a Cabinet! - Powered Up! Shop Cabinet: Day 10.2

Got lots of good work done today. It’s starting to look an awful lot like a cabinet!

Here’s a simplified version of what I did today:

Cut the door back panel, and it was a little big, but I eventually got it the right size.

Then I cut the pegboard to the same size…

…got both of them into the dados…

…eventually got everything aligned right in my corner clamps…

…and assembled the frame with screws.

When everything’s all hunky-dory, I’ll glue it up, but not right now.

Then I did the other door.

Here’s what it looks like (without the hinges of course):

It’s actually too big for my wall, with both doors open. Fortunately, Steve’s design lets me access the inside of the cabinet even when the door is only half-way open.

The doors are just ever so slightly too wide, so tomorrow I’ll remove the screws and trim them down just a little.

Then I’ll glue them up, and start working on the hinges.



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