Need a Lift? Router Table: Day 1

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I’m starting what is actually the third project in Steve Ramsey’s “Powered Up” online course, the Benchtop Router Table. And of course I can’t ever do anything the way the plans say.

I’m going to modify the router table so I can (hopefully) fit my Lever-Operated Router Lift in it.

I’ll have to change the height, which is no problem…

…but figuring out what to do with the lever…

…and the doors is problematic.

I could just make the doors narrower, but there’s all sorts of problems with that.

So I think I’ll just make the front look like doors, but in reality it’ll be held on by magnets.

I’m a little concerned about dust collection, so I might add my “dust drawer”, but Im not sure how I’d attach the hose, because there’s not a lot of room in the back, between the back of the lift housing, and the router table cabinet back.

Or, since I’m not going to use this table when I’m done, maybe I just won’t worry about dust collection.

Which begs the question:

What should I do with this project when I finish it?

[Edit 15:06 PT: Whatever I do with the table, I’ll include the router lift.]


Powered Up Posts

Older: "Finished my scrap wood drawer..." Newer: "Bottoms Up - Router Table: Day 2"


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