SketchUp Model for my Rip Fence Micro Adjuster Jig

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Micro-Adjuster Jig

Every so often, someone asks me about the micro-adjuster jig I use for my table saw fence.

My SawStop JobSite Table Saw has a problem. When I unlock the fence, it moves. It’s very hard to “sneak up” on a cut with this fence. So I made the above jig, to help with fine-tuning my fence position.

Someday I may produce a video about it, but not today. So for now, I uploaded a SketchUp model to 3D Warehouse. Feel free to use it however you want.

Micro-Adjuster Jig SketchUp Model

It works fine, but I think the clamp portion can be improved. Heck, all of it can probably be improved, who am I kidding?

Also, in this model, I intentionally hid all the screws, so you might have to think about it a little before you figure out how to build it. Feel free to not hide the screws, or use glue instead. Whatever.

If you don’t have SketchUp, it’s free. You can use the web version, or if you prefer, the desktop version.

If you have problems deciphering the model, or figuring out how to build it, just leave a comment.

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