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I’ll never understand why some people give a YouTube video a “thumbs downwithout leaving a comment explaining why.

Don’t get me wrong - I knew this was going to happen before I started my channel. So I don’t get depressed about it - it just goes with the territory.

But what purpose does a downvote do without an explanation? It’s not like I can learn anything from it.

I know this post won’t affect anyone - it probably won’t be read by more than a dozen people, if that many. I just need to get this off my chest. But on the off chance you’re one of those people who click the thumbs down without leaving a comment:

Please, for the love of God, leave a comment explaining what you didn’t like. Otherwise, you’re just being a dick.

Older: "The Saga of My Brad Point Drill ..." Newer: "SketchUp Model for my Rip Fence ..."


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