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Steve Ramsey announced on Instagram a couple of days ago that he’s opening up his “Powered Up” online course for enrollment again. And of course I don’t have the review video ready. It would have been nice if Steve had given me a heads up. 😛 (Just kidding - Steve has no idea who I am, I’m sure.)

Anyway, I figure he’s going to release a video tomorrow announcing that the course is open, so I’m desperately running around trying to shoot the review video.

It doesn’t help that I’m using my new video equipment for the first time. But I bought the teleprompter specifically to do this video, and others like it, where I’ll be doing a lot of talking to the camera. So I pretty-much have to use it.

Which is fine. For the most part, it’s working well, but I have things to learn about the camera.

For instance, don’t use IA mode, which is a kind of Intelligent Auto mode, because it can change the exposure during the recording. At least, I think it’s exposure that’s changing - what do I know? Regardless, when I cut out something, the two scenes don’t flow seamlessly because the lighting changes.

Another thing that really sucks is if I’m editing a clip and I realize I said something wrong, I can’t just record a voiceover to fix it. If I cant do some editing magic, and I can’t really put some text on the screen to either clarify or make fun of myself, then I have to reshoot it.

And finally, I need to do the recording when my wife’s car is in the garage, and she just left to go get her hair done. Which is why I’m typing this right now. When her car is in the garage, the echo is MUCH less, and it’s easy to clean up in post. Without her car, it echoes like I’m in a hallway with tile walls and flooring.

So, after I post this blog entry, I guess I’ll go play BoTW for a while. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


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Older: "Customer Service isn't dead" Newer: "The Powered Up review video is..."


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