My love affair with Baltic Birch plywood

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I’ve always had a love affair with Baltic Birch plywood. Even before I knew what to call it, I’d see a picture of something made from it, with the end grain showing, and I just wanted to touch it. Stroke my hand along its smooth edges. *ahem*

When I started doing serious woodworking a couple of years ago, I watched a YouTube video (don’t remember which one) that put a name to the object of my desire: Baltic Birch plywood. I knew she was an expensive mistress.

WTH am I doing here? Pretend I didn’t say that.

I knew that Baltic Birch plywood was expensive. But I also knew that I had enough problems with lack of skill, and that if I could use material of consistently high quality, it would help cut down on the variables.

And since then, if I built something out of plywood, it was out of Baltic Birch plywood.

Here’s a small sampling:

Big sled Little sled
Drill press table Push sticks
Router table drawer Router table drawer fronts
Box joint jig Taper jig
Clamps Even real home projects!

Then I started Powered Up

For the first project in Steve Ramsey’s “Powered Up” online course, the shop cabinet, I used pine plywood. It was actually pretty decent pine plywood, and it worked pretty well. See this post for pics.

I decided I wouldn’t mind using it again.

For the current project, I couldn’t find that pine plywood anywhere. I’m wondering if it has to do with bad weather stalling shipments, or something like that. Anyway, read yesterday’s post for details of what I ended up with.

Reasons to love Baltic Birch plywood

Now I have even more reasons.

The plywood I’m using now splintered when I cut it cross grain, even though I used painters tape.

I never had to worry about this with Baltic Birch plywood.

Still in love

So, although the pine plywood wasn’t too bad, and if I can find some more, I wouldn’t mind using it…

Nothing compares to my first great love.


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