New Project: Router Table - Powered Up! Router Table: Day 0

So I’ve decided what I’m going to do next. I’m going to split time between editing the footage from the first Powered Up project, and starting what is actually the third Powered Up project, the Benchtop Router Table.

(The second Powered Up project is the “Santa Cruz Pine Bed”, which I’ll save for later.)

For the Benchtop Router Table, I’m going to modify the plans to incorporate my lever-operated router lift into the table. So that’ll take a day or two to modify the plans, and get everything squared away.

You can actually see a picture of Steve’s Benchtop Router Table at the start of this video. It’s on the bottom left, underneath the shop cabinet from this project.

So gear up and get ready for another fun ride! And wish me well editing the 130GB of video footage from the first project. Can you say “fast forward”? 😄


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