Box Joint set kerf width issue

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I’m having a discussion on the Lumberjocks Forum about a problem I’m having with a box joint blade set. It’s cutting a kerf narrower than 1/4”, even though I swear it didn’t do that before. And I have the same problem with an almost-brand-new Dado set that should cut a 1/4” kerf when only the outside blades are used.

Here’s a pic to show the proof.

Click on the picture to show it full-sized, and make sure you zoom in to the full size (depending on the browser, just clicking it again may zoom it to full size).

If you look closely, you can see that the Kreg 1/4” block won’t quite fit in the slot.

Oh, and I’ve used calipers to measure it also, but this is better for the picture.

Mystery Solved (sort-of)

It turns out that the teeth on one of the blades of the box joint set are chipped:


This doesn’t explain why the dado stack also cuts too narrow, because its teeth are pristine. But perhaps the dado stack comes that way, knowing you can always add shims.

I only posted this in a blog post, because I wanted to upload the picture here so I could reference it on the Lumberjocks forum, and I figured if I was going to upload the pic, I might as well add an explanation.

Older: "New Project: Router Table - Powe..." Newer: "Trying to finish up my scrap w..."


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