SawStop’s new Service Portal looks pretty useful

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SawStop has a new section on their website called the “Service Portal”. It’s got videos and articles for all their table saws. Make sure to check in out.

As of this writing, here’s the topics for the PCS:

Service Videos

  • Recovering an Activated Brake
  • Resetting the Arbor Arm on JSS/PCS/ICS table saws.
  • Adjusting the Blade Brake Spacing on your CNS/PCS/ICS table saw.
  • Initiate and Use Bypass Mode
  • Replace Belts for the Professional Cabinet Saw
  • Maintain Tilt & Elevation Mechanisms, Professional Cabinet Saw
  • Level and Align Cast Iron Wings
  • Aligning the Blade On Your Professional Cabinet Saw

Service Tips (PDF Articles)

  • What To Do If Brake Activates
  • Replacing PCS Arbor Belt & Motor Belt
  • Steps To Manually Reset Arbor in Retention Bracket
  • Wing Assembly & Leveling
  • Table Insert
  • Type 2 Switch Box Paddle Spring Installation
  • Installing PCS175 208-240V Contactor Assembly


Older: "YouTube Videos, Copyright Claims..." Newer: "WARNING: YouTubers Are Receivi..."


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