Hitting a wall

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Sometimes, when engaging in a creative endeavor like making videos, writing books, or making music, there comes a time when you just hit a wall. Full stop. WTF am I doing, how did I get here, and can I go home now?

Queue the Talking Heads (which isn’t completely relevant, but the feeling is about right):

(This post is just me thinking out loud. It may go somewhere, it may not. We’ll see.)

I just hit that proverbial wall. I’ve been working on the video of setting up my new SawStop, and I’m not even sure what my goal is. I’m not sure how much of this would interest the people who view my channel. Honestly, I’m tempted to just stop working on this video.

It might be better to just do a quick video explaining why I upgraded my saw, talk just a little about it, and be done with it. Not every video I create needs to be a “how to” with lots of detail.

I don’t even really have any good mistakes to show. I mean, I misplaced a lock nut and had to go buy a new one. Big deal.

I want to get back to doing videos that will help newbies. Everything else is just crap.

So I’m gonna relax for the rest of the day, and let my mind air out.


Older: "Wax On, Wax Off" Newer: "The Masters (with pictures!)"


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