Troll Update

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In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I was having fun with a troll, and suggested you might want to join in on the fun.

Unfortunately, he ran out of troll fuel, and resorted to cussing. Personally, I’m not offended by cussing. I dabble in it myself from time to time. 😏 But I don’t want it in my channel comments. I told him to not cus on my channel. He responded by cussing at me. So I banned his ass. 😛

I’m actually kind of sad I had to ban him, because now I can’t play with him anymore. He was so perfectly clueless as to how much of a fool he was making of himself.

And I was all prepared to pull a James Veitch on him…

…and really start to have fun.



Older: "Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend" Newer: "Sporadic Posts"


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