How To Make Custom Router Baseplates, for Newbies!

Learn how to make your own router baseplates, both square and round, along with two ways to get the screw holes in the right place.


Center Finder (Robert Larson)
Cheap and extremely useful.

Thread Checker
Check screw and nut threads sizes

Center Hole Punch
I like this adjustable center punch, but since you adjust it by turning the red handle, the handle has a tendency to come unscrewed. So I used some Loctite on one punch for normal use, and bought a second punch for when I need to adjust it.

Router - Makita XTR01Z Cordless Compact
This is a great cordless router, and I highly recommend it.

Router Dust Nozzle for Makita XTR01Z
Dust shroud for the Makita XTR01Z cordless compact router.

Caliper - Digital
Features metric, fractional inches, decimal inches, with a nice case.

Caliper - Fractional Dial
Highly rated analog caliper. Nice case.

Drill (Makita)
This isn’t my exact model, but it’s close.

Clamp - 12" 2 pack (Jorgensen)
I love these clamps! This 2-pack is a good value.

Drill Bit Set - Forstner - 14 Piece (Porter-Cable)
I love these bits, and the case is nice, although the bit sizes are upside down

Sanding Block - Red (Preppin’ Weapon)
Love these sanding blocks!

Incra 12" Precision Marking T-Rule
I use this 12" version, but you can also get the 6" version from this link. You’ll need a pencil with a fine point.

Drill Press Vise (4") (TEKTON)
This is the drill press vise I use, and I like it.

Hack Saw (Stanely)
Great hack saw.

OOPS Jumbo Eraser
Best eraser I've ever used.

Angle Grinder (Makita)
Nice angle grinder