Replacing the Stock Insert Plate on the SawStop PCS

I replaced the stock insert plate with a dado insert plate, and cut out a kerf for both the blade and the riving knife. And yes, the portion of the kerf for the riving knife isn’t nearly as clean as I would have liked, but mistakes happen.

Here’s why I replaced the stock insert, and how I did it:

The Problem

The problem with the stock insert plate is that the end middle isn’t supported.

So if you push narrow stock through with any amount of downward pressure, the end of the plate dips down, cause the stock to catch on the edge of the table.

The Solution

So I bought a blank dado insert.

I took out the riving knife, and slowly raised the blade to cut the kerf.

Then I used my router with a 1/4” bit to cut the remaining portion of the kerf…

…so I had room for my riving knife.

Easy peasy. By the way, the reason I used a 1/4” router bit is because it’s the smallest router bit I have.

The Result

It works really well, and I recommend it. But I don’t think you can use the blade guard with it. Maybe you could if you routed the end of the kerf more, but I didn’t try that.


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