Related Videos: Cross Cut Sleds that work with a Blade Guard


...made out of 2x4s.
2x4 Cross Cut Sled Fences

Making Runners...

...for normal miter slots.
Easy! Make Runners for Table Saw Sleds!

Micro Adjusters for Table Saw Fences
I use this when I'm making runners, to help sneak up on the cut.

Other Videos

Easy! Cut Thin Strips On Your Table Saw!
A really easy and quick way to cut multiple thin strips the same thickness, on your table saw.

Dust Collection for Drill Presses: Simple, Effective, and Easy to Use!
Shows how I have a vacuum hose next to my workbench.

Cleaning Up My (S)Crap, and how to keep it clean
This is about how I cleaned up and organized all the scrap wood and lumber I had strewn all over my garage workshop, and my new, real-world philosophy for keeping it cleaned up and organized.

Woodworking Distractions, ADD and my StupidStop
Ways to limit distractions while woodworking, including my StupidStop light tree for a SawStop table saw.

You Won't Believe How Useful This Tool Is! (Chisel Plane)
No lie, you'll be amazed at how often you end up using this tool, once you make it. Simple, and cheap.

Making a Sheath for the Chisel Plane
How to build a sheath for the Chisel Plane, so it can be stored safely when you're not using it.


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