A little progress - Router Table: Day 22

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I’m working on another video, so I haven’t done a lot of work on the router table, but I actually have done something.

As you may remember, the door facade will be held in by blocks with magnets, that squeeze into the corners of the opening, like this:

So I clamped the door facade to the front of the lift, positioned so the lever can move up and down in the slot freely.

Then I unscrewed the lift so I could drop it down out of the way…

…so I could reach inside with a pencil and draw an outline around the opening.

I used some double-sided tape to position the four blocks, so I could make sure they’re in the right spot.

I have to remember not to use this type of double-sided tape anymore, because it’s too hard to remove.

Eventually I got them in the right place.

I put threaded inserts in the door, and drilled oversized counterbored holes in the blocks, so I could use machine screws and washers to attach the blocks.

This allows me to reposition them until I get a Goldilocks fit.

Like this.

Next Up:

Next step is to add the magnets, finish the lift door, make the lever, and build the drawer.


Powered Up Post

Older: "Part 2: Nixing the SawStop PCS, ..." Newer: "Selling my SawStop JobSite Saw"


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