Wascally Wabbets - Router Table: Day 9

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Time to cut the rabbets, and glue up the carcase. I actually did this yesterday, but I decided to post my Power Up review yesterday, and leave the Router Table work for today’s blog.

I decided to cut the rabbets on my router table.

Yes, I have a router table, and I’m building another one. Anyone want this benchtop router table and lift, when I’m done?

Here’s the logic that led me to using the router table to cut the rabbets instead of my table saw with a dado stack:

1) The plywood was slightly warped.

2) Obviously I wanted the rabbets to be a consistent depth.

3) So that meant I needed to make sure the stock was flat on the table, as it passed through either the blade or the bit.

4) But the SawStop dado insert plate is made out of plastic, and if I press down on the stock, the insert plate actually bends down some, which means inconsistent depth of cut.

5) No such problem with my router table. My router table’s insert plate is pretty solid (see pic above). So, decision made.

I used a featherboard to keep the stock flat against the table top as it passed over the router bit.

After I cut all the rabbets, I set up the box in my corner clamps, and put the back on.

The back sits on the top/bottom panels, and is “proud” of the sides (that’s woodworker-speak for “protruding slightly above the wood’s surface”).

That’s because I haven’t cut the top/bottom panels to the final width.

I had to wait to measure after the rabbets were cut.

Then I was able to cut the top and bottom panels to the exact width.

I glued everything up…

…and used a bunch of clamps and weights to hold everything together until the glue set.

This morning I unclamped everything and cleaned up the glue squeeze out.

The rest of the day has been spent working on getting a new video out.

Sorry if this post was a little bland. I’m still shaking over the lightning strike close by, that was so loud it set off car alarms everywhere. It scared the living bleep out of me. I was in the garage at the time, and those kinds of sounds are extra amplified in the garage. Good thing the washing machine is in the garage - my shorts needed to be washed after that experience!


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