Getting Close! - Powered Up! Shop Cabinet: Day 13.2

I finally got the hinges on, at least enough to show whether the doors are the right size or not (they are):

But obviously I need to be careful of the alignment, when I put them on for good:

The I glued up the doors. I got to try out the 1st-gen prototype of my DIY chisel plane, for removing glue squeeze out:

Hopefully this’ll be the subject of an upcoming video. I guess I need to figure out how to shoot this so you can actually see the squeeze out. 😛

I glued the french cleat onto the back of the cabinet:

I’m going to have to let the glue dry for quite a while before I hang the cabinet. Sometime tomorrow afternoon, probably.

The newspaper shows sort-of where it will go:

I’ll be moving the table, and the cabinet will be more over to the right. The left door won’t be able to open all the way, but that won’t matter because it won’t get in the way of the shelves.

Tomorrow may be a banner day! Time will tell.



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