On second thought… Powered Up! Shop Cabinet: Day 2.1

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Yesterday, I talked a lot about whether I thought the “Powered Up” online course was worth the money or not. Last night I realized that I had the wrong price in my head. Long story - short version: Never trust the memory of a 62-year-old. Or at least this 62-year-old.

In any case, in my mind, the cost was about 50% higher than it actually is. Or maybe it was 33% higher - I’ve never been good at knowing how to use percentages like this. Whatever. The point is, the course is cheaper than I was thinking.

So will it be worth it for you?

Yes, I think the course is worth the money, if:

… you want to build 5 specific projects, with detailed plans and build videos. The projects have already been chosen, so you may end up building things you don’t want or need. If that bothers you, then this course isn’t for you.

For me, there’s 2 or 3 projects I don’t need. However, I’m still glad I’m going to be building them. I’ll be learning some cool stuff, with Steve’s expert and unparalleled teaching. Assuming I don’t completely screw them up, they’re things I’ll be proud of having built. And I’m sure I can donate them to a church or charity of some kind. Or perhaps a giveaway on my YouTube channel, but shipping would be a pain. Or perhaps I could do a Matthias Wandel and say you have to come and pick them up yourself.

More later.

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Older: "TNW is getting Powered Up!" Newer: "Storage Cabinet: Change of Pla..."


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