My Infinity Throat Plate plus a Cross-Cut Sled triggers SawStop’s Warning Light

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I’m having problems when I use my Infinity Throat Plate on my SawStop PCS with either of my cross-cut sleds. When I raise the blade before starting a cut, my SawStop PCS’s “Contact Detected During Standby” light pattern gets triggered.

And like an idiot, I’ve been continuing to use the sled after the light quits flashing. I haven’t had any issues, but I finally realized that if this happens while I’m using it, it will trigger the brake and cost me another brake and possibly the blade as well. So I thought I’d better find out why it’s happening (duh).

UPDATE 2019-06-25:

I noticed that the problem DOES happen without the cross-cut sleds. I have to raise the blade higher, but it does indeed happen without them.

I decided to leave the rest of this post as is, and continue the discussion in a new blog post. But read the rest of this post first.

Here’s my observations while trying to debug this.

  1. It only happens when I use the Infinity plate, not when I used a stock plate. And nothing on the Infinity plate is touching the blade.

  2. It happens with the replaceable insert removed.

  3. It only happens when I use a cross-cut sled.

  4. It only happens as I raise the blade, before doing a cut.

  5. Nothing metal is touching the blade.

    I do have some screws near the kerf, but this has never caused issues before.

    I tried removing the 4 screws closest to the kerf, and it doesn’t make a difference.

  6. The wood does not appear to be wet at all.

  7. The sled’s fences aren’t involved. This happens even when the blade doesn’t come near the fences.

  8. The light doesn’t start flashing until the blade is at least 1/2” above the sled base. But it depends on how fast I raise it, also.

  9. When I stop raising the blade, the light stops flashing after 20 seconds.

  10. If I raise the blade very slowly, I can usually manage to do it without the light flashing.

  11. If I raise it just a little less slowly, and I stop when I see the light start to flash, the light will stop flashing in 2-4 seconds. If I start raising it again at the same speed, the light will start to flash again, and I can repeat the process.

  12. If I raise the blade first, then lower the sled down, carefully getting the blade aligned with the kerf, the light will still flash.

That’s it for now.

Older: "Adjusting and Aligning the Rivin..." Newer: "Update on my Infinity Throat P..."


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