How would you respond to this?

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I received a comment on my SawStop Saved My Thumb video, and I’m trying to come up with a good response. I’m hoping some of you might have some suggestions. And just so you know, contrary to what you might think, these comments don’t bother me. I usually come up with pretty good responses. But this one has me a little stumped.

Here’s the comment:

If you are that careless, maybe it is time to sell your tools.

He’s not the first to say this, by the way.

He may not be wrong!

I’ve thought about this before. But let’s assume he’s wrong. 😄

My Goal

My goal with these kinds of comments is to treat people with respect, and hope I can make them realize the world’s not so black and white.

I know a lot of you, perhaps most of you, would tell me to ignore him because there’s no chance of getting through to him.

But I disagree. I’ve had success with at least one other person, so I’m willing to keep trying.

Think of this as a science experiment, if nothing else.

What NOT to say

Mistakes happen. Ask your parents.

Yes, I think things like that, but they won’t help. Although, if you’ve got funny responses, I don’t mind reading them, even if I won’t post them.


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