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I use this internally, to keep track of all my product links. I copy and paste from this as needed.

Analog Dial Indicator Gauge & Magnetic Base
This is actually a pretty good deal.

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Analog Dial Indicator Gauge & Magnetic Base:

Analog Dial Indicator Gauge
This isn't the one I use, but it's a good price and has decent reviews.

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Analog Dial Indicator Gauge:

Center Punch
I like this adjustable center punch, but since you adjust it by turning the red handle, the handle has a tendency of coming unscrewed. So I used some Loctite on one punch for normal use, and bought a second punch for when I need to adjust it.

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Center Punch:

Digital Dial Indicator Gauge
This isn't the one I use, but this looks like it's a better gauge, and it's a good price.

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Digital Dial Indicator Gauge:

Hex Key Set
This is a great set of hex keys I use. It includes a case, and both SAE and Metric hex keys.

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Hex Key Set:

Incra T-Rule
I use the 12" version, but you can also get the 6" version from this link. You'll need a pencil with a fine point, though.

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Incra T-Rule:

Machine Screws
Box of 50 1/4" x 1/2" zpan-head machine screws.

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Machine Screws:

Magnetic Base for Dial Indicators
Always use a coupon at Harbor Freight. The 20% off one, or if you're lucky, a 25% off one.

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Magnetic Base for Dial Indicators:

Magnetic Switch
A nice, dependable, fairly strong magnetic switch. Turn the knob to engage or disengage the magnet.

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Magnetic Switch:

Makita Drill
This isn't my exact model, but it's close.

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Makita Drill:

Radius Quick-Jigs
Use with a router to cut rounded corners ov various sizes.

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Radius Quick-Jigs:

Sander Cleaning Stick
Great way to clean a sanding belt or disc.

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Sander Cleaning Stick:

SawStop PCS
No, I don't expect anyone to buy this from my link, but hey, you never know.

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SawStop PCS:

Threaded Inserts
Box of 100 1/4"-20 x 1/2" zinc threaded inserts with no flanges.

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Threaded Inserts:

Tool Drawer Liner (Home Depot)
This is a Home Depot link, and it's the liner that I use.

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Tool Drawer Liner (Home Depot):

Tool Drawer Liner (Harbor Freight)
Always use a coupon at Harbor Freight. The 20% off one, or if you're lucky, a 25% off one.

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Tool Drawer Liner (Harbor Freight):

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Wen Belt & Disc Sander: