It’s All About the Videos

Hey, Newbie Dan here!

The Newbie Woodworker YouTube Channel Well, at least that’s how I start all my YouTube videos. Because I’m all about helping newbie woodworkers overcome obstacles. Not that I’m that far removed from being a newbie myself… In fact, that’s why the subject is close to my heart. I struggled, so why should you?

So go watch my videos at my YouTube channel, or if I’ve happened to actually post anything useful, feel free to read.


Cross Cut Sleds: Why I only use one runner

  • 3 min read

One of my viewers asked a question on one of my videos, and I had trouble answering it. By the time I was done writing a reply, it turned into a novel, so I thought I’d turn it into a blog post. It might even turn into a future video.

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YouTube Thumbs Down

  • ~1 min read

I’ll never understand why some people give a YouTube video a “thumbs downwithout leaving a comment explaining why.

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The Saga of My Brad Point Drill Bit Set

  • 5 min read

This is the saga of my trying to buy a decent Brad Point drill bet set. Eventually, I ended up with a fairly decent set of bits. But it didn’t start out that way. Let me tell you the story…

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  • ~1 min read

Welcome to my new website. This is a place for me to post additional information, when it won’t all fit into a video. Or possibly even post plans, at some point in the future.

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